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Here is a list of our current members, in order of length of service.

We are working on adding in depth profiles for each member. If a member's name is underlined, you can click on it to open a new window with that member's profile. Please be patient while we add more profiles until we eventually have almost everyone. 

    Below that is a list of Charter members that gives the names of the men who started the proud tradition of serving Enfield, followed by a list of Members who have devoted twenty years or more and have become Life Members.

     You may also want to check out our Officer page, to see which members serve as Line officers, Administrative staff, Board of directors, and Trustees. 

     In the future we hope to add lists of past members and officers, and the Ladie's Auxiliary.                  


Member Name: Joined in: Position:
Charlie Sheffield 1958 Fire Police
Larry Stilwell 1965 Firefighter
Larry Saulsgiver 1972 Firefighter
Roger Lauper 1974 Firefighter
Denny Hubbell 1975 Firefighter
Wayne Snyder 1977 Firefighter
Jim Whittaker 1978 Firefighter/EMT
Roy Barriere 1980 Firefighter/EMT
George May 1980 Firefighter
Gary Nesbitt 1982 Fire Police
Bill Eisenhardt 1983 Fire Police
Gary Laue 1985 Fire Police
Greg Stilwell 1988 Firefighter/EMT
Kevin Morse 1989 Firefighter
Richard Neno 1989 Firefighter/EMT
Tanya Snyder 1991 Booster member
Judy Neno 1992 Firefighter/EMT
Greg Stevenson 1992 Firefighter/EMT
Brian Weinstein 1997 Firefighter/EMT
Art Howser 1998 Firefighter/EMT
Sue Howser 1998 Firefighter/CFR
Jean Owens 1998 Staff
Ed Hetherington 1999 Staff/Webmaster  1
Tucker Snyder 1999 Firefighter
Scott Turcsik 1999 Firefighter
Eric Laue 2000 Fire Police
Pat Paolangeli 2004 Firefighter
Kirk VanDee 2004  Firefighter
Geoff Hollister 2005 Firefighter
Shawn Lauper 2006 Firefighter
Alan Teeter 2007 Firefighter
Debra Teeter 2007 Fire Police
Denise Hubbell 2008 Fire Police
David Achilles 2009


Casey Hern 2009 Firefighter
Dennis Achilles 2009 Junior Firefighter
David H Miller 2010 Recruit Firefighter
Linda Stilwell 2010 Administrative
Pam Whittaker 2010 Firefighter/CFR
Norman Senno 2010 Firefighter/EMT
Abigail Teeter 2011 Junior Firefighter
Amy Linton 2011 Recruit Firefighter
Bekah Carpenter 2011 Recruit Member
Mark Stilwell 2011 Junior Firefighter
JJ Johnston 2012 Junior Firefighter
Jessica Elliot 2012 Recruit Member
Nick Sweany 2012 Junior Firefighter
Melissa Hern
Recruit Firefighter
Zachery Snyder
Junior Firefighter
John Snyder
Junior Firefighter
Richard Johnson
Probationary Firefighter
John Moliviatis 2012 Recruit Firefighter
James Richway 2013 ProbationaryFirefighter
Cory Demeerce 2013 Probationary Firefighter
Luke Apgar 2013 Probationary Firefighter
Garrett Uhl 2013 Junior Firefighter
Lucas VanDee 2013 Junior Firefighter


There were 54 original members on the charter when the company was incorporated on January 22, 1948. All but a few of these pioneers have passed away, but we strive to honor their memory as we follow in their footsteps. Here is a list of our Charter Members

     Investing the time and effort required to be an active member of a volunteer fire company is a noble thing for a person to do for his or her community. Doing it for twenty or more years is a true achievement. In our Company, a member who reaches this plateau is awarded Life Membership status. This means they may remain a member for life, regardless of how active they remain in the Company. Here is a list of the many members who devoted enough of their time to become Life Members.

Members Area

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