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Shortage of volunteers is a growing problem across the nation, and Enfield is no exception. We are always looking for residents who would like to join. We admit that it is a huge commitment, with a lot of work to do and a lot of your free time sacrificed, but we help people in some of their greatest times of need, and there are few, if any, things you can do in your life that are more rewarding. So if you've ever thought about volunteering, or have even been the least bit curious, come check us out. Any resident is free to come to some meetings or trainings with no obligation, look around, get a feel for what we do, then hopefully want to join. We strongly encourage all eligible residents to come see what the fire department is all about. It could change your life, and we can always use the help.


 The application process:

Download an application using the link below, or stop by the station some Thursday evening and pick one up. The President will review the application and perform the background check as required by law. At the next meeting of the Board of Directors you will be asked to appear to meet the Board, answer any of their questions and have any questions of your own answered. The Board will then either decline your application (very, VERY rare) or pass it on to the Membership at the next General Meeting for a vote. You are invited to attend Thursday night trainings pending your approval, and the General Meeting where you will be voted on. You will be asked to step out while the Membership votes, and most likely a moment later asked to return where you will be congratulated and welcomed to the Fire Company. It's a very casual, low stress process, and almost a sure thing as far as being accepted. So please think about joining. It may be one of the best things you've ever done.


Downloadable Application in pdf. format

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