ࡱ> y abjbj 4{{Y   ^^^^^rrr8<TrC.:::::$q#"^^^::X^:^::0)9aDm0C"s(""^C" $:  Enfield Volunteer Fire Company, Inc. By-laws  Revised: May 3, 2012 By-Laws of the Enfield Volunteer Fire Company, Inc. ARTICLE I Name Section 1. The name of this Corporation is Enfield Volunteer Fire Company, Inc. ARTICLE II Membership Section 1. Membership in this Corporation consists of Active and Associate members. Members of the Corporation must be at least 18 years of age, of good morale character, and shall have earned a high school diploma or GED equivalent issued by an educational entity or organization recognized and generally accepted as a legitimate educational institution (e.g. New York State Department of Education). These requirements are an absolute minimum and may be in addition, but not necessarily limited to State and Federally mandated requirements, such as OSHA training and compliance. Section 2. Proposals for membership must be in writing on a form approved by the Directors of this Corporation, must be signed by the applicant and two members of this Corporation, and shall be accompanied by the dues as set by the Standard Operating Guidelines (SOG). The application for membership shall be referred to the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors shall report its findings to the membership upon completion of its investigation. Upon receipt of the Board of Directors report, the membership shall vote upon the same. A majority ballot vote of the members present and voting shall be required for election to membership. If the proposal for membership is not carried, applicant will be notified of the decision. If the proposal for membership is carried, the Secretary of the Corporation shall enter such in the minutes and enter the applicants name upon the membership roll of the Corporation and he/she shall from thenceforth be a member of this Corporation and not before. Any member developing serious health problems will report such to an officer who shall bring the information back to the Board of Directors. Section 3. New members voted into membership shall be on probation and meet the requirements adopted by the Board of Directors of this Corporation. Rules and regulations shall be set forth in the Standard Operating Guidelines (SOG). Section 4. Dues must be paid between December 1 and the start of the annual meeting. Dues will not be accepted if the member has not met the requirements set forth by the Board of Directors and their membership shall be suspended until the next regular meeting of the Board of Directors. Such members must appear at the next regular meeting of the Board of Directors to be granted an extension of time. Extension and/or acceptance of dues shall be the decision of the Board of Directors. Section 5. Life membership: Life membership status is obtained after 20 years of active service. Member must at minimum respond to 10 percent of the years total calls for their status or 40 hours of trainings, meetings or work details to be credited with a year of active service. Members not meeting the aforementioned requirement will maintain membership status as long as annual dues are paid and mandated trainings are met. However they will not be credited with any service time towards Life membership. Once a member obtains Life member status they will no longer be required to pay annual dues and their 20 years of membership dues will be returned at the prevailing membership rate at that time. This will not exceed 20 times the prevailing dues rate. The Fire Company will officially retire the Life members badge number and present them with their ID badge. Life members will also receive a Life Membership plaque and 20 year pin. Life members will be entitled to all social privileges free of charge. Additionally Life members who continue active service will be entitled to any Fire Company issued gear or equipment otherwise requiring a deposit or payment free of charge. Life members who remain active will continue to accumulate years of service and be entitled to any benefits or awards that from time to time the membership of the corporation deems appropriate. Section 6. Duties of members: All members shall perform such duties as may from time to time be required of them by the officers of this Corporation and shall comply with such regulations set forth in the Standard Operating Guidelines of this Corporation. Section 7. Any member, who is indebted to this Corporation, shall be governed by regulations in the Standard Operating Guidelines. All Active and Associate members, of this Corporation, shall be subject to the payment of dues, as established by the Board of Directors. Section 8. Resignation: Resignation by a member shall be presented in writing to the President, or in person at any meeting of the Corporation. The resignation will not be accepted if the member is under charges, is indebted to the Corporation, or has not turned over to the Corporation all property belonging to it in his/her possession. There will be no time limit for reapplication by a resigned member. Section 9. Expulsion: Any member may be expelled from this Corporation for cause, when such cause is presented in writing by any member or members bringing such action and presented to the Board of Directors. Upon receipt of such charges, the Board of Directors shall review said charge(s) and determine if expulsion proceedings are valid and warranted. If it is determined that proceedings are warranted the investigation committee will be notified by the Board of Directors to commence an investigation. Neither the member referring charges nor the member charged shall be on the committee investigating such charges. Written notice of the charges along with the time and date that expulsion consideration will be held shall be served twenty (20) days prior to the meeting to all members. All expulsion proceedings will be held prior to a regularly scheduled General Meeting. Upon hearing the report of the investigation committee, the membership shall vote by majority ballot to determine if the accused is to be expelled. A member expelled may not be reinstated under any circumstances.  Investigating Committee shall consist of a Board of Director Member, a trustee, a line officer, a life member and one other member of the Corporation not meeting one of the above. These individuals will be randomly drawn at the time of need Section 10. Reinstatement: Any member dropped from the roll (other than those expelled) may be reinstated by reapplication for membership after a period of one year. Section 11. To be an Active Member of the Enfield Volunteer Fire Company, Inc., one must live or work within the boundaries of the Town unless the Board of Directors has granted an exemption, upon having received a written request for such exemption. ARTICLE III Officers, Qualifications and Elections Section 1. Officers of this Corporation are either Line Officers or Staff Officers. Section 2. The Line Officers of this Corporation are: Fire Chief, Deputy Fire Chief, 1st Assistant Fire Chief, 2nd Assistant Fire Chief and Captain. Section 3. The Line Officers of this Corporation are established by a majority ballot vote of the members present and voting at the annual meeting of the Corporation. To hold the office of Chief, a member must have held the position of a lower Line Officer for no less than two (2) years. Qualifications for Line Officer positions shall be established by the Qualification Committee and approved by the Board of Directors. Section 4. The Staff Officers of this Corporation are: President, Vice President, Recording/Financial Secretary and Treasurer. Section 5. The term of office is for one year and shall expire at the annual meeting. Section 6. Two months prior to the annual meeting, the President shall appoint a Nominating Committee consisting of at least three (3) active members of the Corporation. The Nominating Committee shall report a proposed slate of officers at the regular general meeting in November preceding the annual meeting. Any nominations from the floor must be accepted at the meeting. Section 7. All officers shall be elected by ballot at the annual meeting by a majority vote of the members present and eligible to vote. If any office is not elected by a majority vote, the top two (2) candidates will be re-voted on in a run off ballot for the office. If for any reason an office is not elected at the annual meeting, a special election may be held at a regular meeting, or at a special meeting called for that purpose. Section 8. The President shall appoint three (3) tellers at the time of each election, who shall receive the ballots, poll the votes, and certify the count and deliver the results to the President. At the conclusion of the elections, all ballots are to be sealed in an envelope and placed in the Fire Company Safe for a period of one (1) year. Section 9. Active members not under charge and not in arrears for the payment of dues shall be eligible to hold office provided they meet the qualifications set forth in the Standard Operating Guidelines by the Board of Directors. Associate members holding Administrative Assistant status and who meet the above criteria are eligible to hold the position of Recording Secretary and Treasurer. Section 10. Active members of this Corporation who are not under charges and not in arrears for payment of dues shall be entitled to vote, provided they are off probation. Associate members holding Administration Assistant status who are not in arrears for payment of dues shall be eligible to vote for the position of Recording Secretary and Treasurer only. The Recording Secretary shall announce, before the election, the names of those members entitled to vote. The Secretary shall also call the roll before the voting begins. Those members not present at roll call or arriving after balloting has begun shall not be permitted to vote. Section 11. In the event that an officers position becomes either temporarily or permanently vacant, the Board of Directors shall decide whether an appointment be made or a special election be held to fill the vacancy. Section 12. Any member may challenge or question the results of an election provided it is presented to the President in writing at least 48 hours prior to the December Directors meeting. Upon this written request, the Board of Directors at the December meeting shall unseal the balloting documents and review such in the presence of all candidates of the challenged position including the tellers. If any errors are found that will alter the election results, all persons directly involved will be notified immediately. If a special election is required, see Article III Section 7. ARTICLE IV Duties and Powers of Officers Section 1. The Fire Chief shall have control of the members of the Corporation at all fires, E.M.S. calls, drills, inspections, reviews, schools of instruction. He/she shall have supervision of all officers, employees, members, and assets owned by this Corporation. He/she shall strictly hold members, officers, and employees of the Corporation accountable for neglect of duty and may temporarily (until the next meeting of the Board of Directors of the Corporation) suspend any member from acting at any fire, E.M.S. calls, drills, inspections, reviews, and schools of instruction. He/she shall establish such schools of instruction and drills as he/she may from time to time desire for training of the membership of the Corporation, and shall give notice thereof to the members of the Corporation through the Recording Secretary. Section 2. Deputy Fire Chief and Assistant Fire Chief as elected by this Corporation shall assist the Chief in the performance of his/her duties and perform such other duties as the Chief may require of them. In the absence of the Chief, refer to the Standard Operating Guidelines. Section 3. The Captain, Fire Police Captain, Safety Officer, and Fire Investigation Captain shall perform such duties as may be required of them by the Chief. (The Fire Police Captain, Safety Officer and Fire Investigation Captain will be appointed by the Chief, annually.) Section 4. The President shall preside at all meetings of the Corporation and of the Board of Directors in accordance with the parliamentary procedure, and shall call special meetings of the Corporation as hereinafter provide. Unless otherwise provided, he/she shall appoint all committees, sign all vouchers for bank withdrawals, and install newly elected offers and members. He/she shall not vote on any questions other than the election of officers and members, except in the case of an equal division, when his/her vote shall decide. Section 5. The Vice President shall assist the President in the performance of his/her duties, subject to his/her direction and control. In the event of the Presidents absence or disability or should the office become vacant during the term, the Vice President shall assume the duties, powers, office, and title of the President until the annual meeting following his/her assumption of the duties, or the prior return to duty of the President. Section 6. The Recording/Financial Secretary shall call the roll of members at every general meeting, and shall record the proceedings of all meetings of the Corporation and of the Board of Directors. He/she shall keep the yearly roll of the membership of the Corporation. He/she shall attend to all correspondence including acknowledgement of monetary donations. He/she shall keep the books, and shall file the papers pertaining to his/her office. He/she shall perform such other duties as are incidental to his/her office or as may be required of him/her by majority vote of the Corporation. He/she shall give written notice of the time and place of each annual and special meeting to each member of the Corporation at least twenty-four (24) hours before the same are to be held, unless a different notice thereof shall be otherwise provided in these By-laws. He/she shall include in the notice of the annual meeting the nominations for officers. He/she shall keep all books of account between the Corporation and its membership. He/she shall collect all money due to the Corporation, pay over the same to the Treasurer, and obtain his/her written receipt for the same. He/she shall report to the Treasurer and the membership at each general meeting those indebted to the Corporation and the amount owed. He/she shall submit his/her books to the Auditing Committee when requested by them Section 7. The Treasurer shall receive all money due to the Corporation, shall deposit the same in the bank(s) as directed by the Directors, shall take a receipt for all expenditures, shall pay all bills as directed by the Directors or the membership of the Corporation, shall submit a report to the Corporation and the Directors whenever requested by either of them, shall permit the Directors to inspect his/her books of account from time to time as they may desire, shall be general custodian of all the monies of the Corporation, and shall submit his/her books of account to the Auditing Committee when requested by them. Section 8. Trustee: Trustees will consist of a maximum of eight active Life Members, with the most senior Life Member as the Head Trustee. As Trustee positions become available, the next senior Life Member will fill them. Trustee eligibility will be reviewed by the President at the beginning of each year and posted. Trustees will be responsible for reviewing any proposals that pertain to land or buildings owned by the Fire Company. This will include any request for use of, sale of, or modification to. The Trustees will review and recommend to the Board of Directors its findings and any history that may be of interest. It will be the Head Trustees responsibility to notify all Trustees before a recommendation is given to the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors will compile this information, for formal presentation to the membership where it will require 75% approval by the entire active membership. ARTICLE V Directors Section 1. The President, Fire Chief, Deputy Fire Chief and Vice President shall be Directors of the Corporation throughout their term of office. In addition there shall be elected four (4) Directors from among the active members of the Corporation who shall be elected at first to serve for terms of one, two, three and four years respectively. At each annual meeting, one Director shall be elected to replace the Director whose term of office has expired, and when elected, shall serve a term of four years. Section 2. The Board of Directors shall designate the banks(s) in which the funds of the Corporation shall be deposited. The Board will determine the amount of all annual dues. It shall have the power to hear and act upon excuses for non-attendance at meetings, fires, drills, and schools of instruction. The Board shall determine standards of eligibility for election to membership, shall prescribe and enforce rules of conduct of the members of the Corporation and the management of the meeting rooms and equipment (other than fire fighting equipment) of the Corporation. The Board shall hold meetings at least one every month and shall meet at the discretion of the President at other times and places upon notice to all of the Directors. Five (5) members of the Board of Directors shall constitute a quorum for business transactions. The Directors shall have power at its discretion to examine the books, accounts, or conduct of any officer. The Directors have authority to authorize payment of bills due at the time of their monthly meeting. The Board shall report its proceedings at each general meeting of the Corporation and any other special meeting. The Board shall exercise other powers and perform other duties as may be delegated by the Corporation or the Laws of the State of New York. Upon written petition of ten (10) members of the Corporation, the President is required to call a special meeting of the Corporation to present to membership for their review and consideration, any decision or action of the Board of Directors. At that time the Directors shall immediately surrender jurisdiction to all matters pertaining to said petition and shall not again assume to act with respect thereto until directed by the members of the Corporation, and in accordance with such instructions. Section 3. The Board of Directors shall compile a budget yearly and provisions for a contract when due, and present same to the membership for approval. Upon approval of the budget by the membership, provisions for yearly contract will be submitted to the contractual party. ARTICLE VI Committees Section 1. Yearly committees: As necessary, the President shall appoint committees, and the first member so named shall serve as chair of the committee. Section 2. Special Committees: Special Committees may be formed pursuant to the resolution adopted by any meeting of the Corporation. The President thereof shall appoint the members. ARTICLE VII Meetings and Procedures Section 1. The Annual Meeting shall be held on the first Thursday in December of each year. The Annual Banquet shall be held on the second Saturday after the Annual Meeting. Section 2. The general meetings of the membership of the Corporation shall be held on the first Thursday of every calendar month. They shall be held at such other times as the President may designate. Section 3. Special meetings shall be held once twenty-four (24) hours notice has been given. If possible, they shall be held after five (5) days of written notice. They shall be called upon written request of ten (10) members of the Corporation addressed to the President. The notice shall state for what purpose the special meeting is called, and no other business shall be conducted thereat. Section 4. All meetings of the Corporation or its Directors shall be held at the regular meeting place of the Corporation as the same may from time to time be established by a majority vote of the members of the Corporation present and voting. Section 5. Ten (10) members of the Corporation shall constitute a quorum for all regular or special meetings. Fifteen (15) members shall constitute a quorum for the annual meeting. Section 6. These By-Laws may be amended, altered, repealed, or added to at any regular meeting of the Corporation, provided said amendment, alteration, repeal, or addition be in writing and attached to these By-laws or at the annual meeting by a majority ballot vote of the members present and voting, provided the proposed amendment, alteration, repeal, or addition shall have been submitted in writing at a previous regular meeting and at least twenty (20) days written notice given to the membership by the Recording Secretary stating when and where the same will be called up for consideration. Said changes will be posted in the Fire Station. Section 7. All balloting shall be by majority vote of the members present and voting at any meeting, unless a different vote requirement is herein specified. Roberts Rules of Orders Revised as the same from time-to-time is revised, shall constitute the rules or order for all meetings of the Corporation, except as those which conflict with these By-Laws. The membership of the Corporation may provide at any meeting for the transaction of business under the unanimous consent procedure, except that these By-Laws, shall not be amended, altered, repealed, or added to by any unanimous consent. Section 8. The order of business at any regular meeting shall be as follows, unless dispensed with by unanimous consent: Call of meeting to order Reading and acting upon Minutes of the previous meeting Treasurers Report Applications for membership and consideration thereof Correspondence Reports of officers and committees Unfinished business New business Roll call and adjournment ARTICLE VIII Dissolution Section 1. If for any reason this Corporation shall dissolve, all assets and liabilities of the Corporation shall be distributed as per the Laws of the State of New York. ARTICLE IX Previous By-Laws Section 1. All Previous By-Laws of this Corporation are hereby repealed.     145<=@EKQRU   # C L M N ytmtg^hq!h^HtCJ h=OCJ hG5: hG5 hGCJ hG:CJ hG5CJhG5>*CJ hG: h^HtCJ hGCJh^HthG5:CJ aJ h&>6hG5CJ aJ h&>6h j5CJ aJ h[#5CJ aJ h&>6h&>65CJ aJ hWHjh&>6Uh^HthG5:CJ4aJ4hG$()12346789:;<=RSTU$a$gdWH$a$ S T b c 2(| '8^8gdU0 ^`gdEkgdEk 8^8`$a$N V W S ] ^ !)*ABDEGHSWiz}~&()Yeopwѱh\`hU0B*CJaJphhU0CJaJh\`hU0CJaJ hEkCJhU0hEk>*CJ hU05CJh75>*CJ hU0CJ hG5CJhG5>*CJ hGCJh^HthG5CJhq!h=OCJ8|e _ \&'G*+;<X >^`> n^`n n^`n ^`gdEk '8^8gdU0wx} ,14LM^nopuv}%&'014EG*+45<EFITXQνΤÚ hG>* hG5 hG5>*hq!h@CJhq!hGCJ h@CJhG hG>*CJ hGCJ hG5CJhG5>*CJhEkhU0CJh\`hU0CJaJhU0CJaJ<RSA B ;!!Y!!!"""##r#s# $ $%%:&;&&& $n^`na$ n^`nQRSf   & ? @ A G H :!!H!I!J!W!!!!""##%#&#s#|#}#####$ $$$%%%;&D&E&&&&((()))'+/+0+1+3+4+:+׼ hq!h=O hq!hG h=OhGh=OhG5h=OhG5>* hGH* hG5: hG>* hG5>* h75>*jh70JU hG5hGhV7h7=&(())&+'+,,4/5/00\2]2^2_2`2a2b2c2d2e222 $8^8`a$ n^`n 8^8` n^`n:+<+,I,J,`,i,j,,,,,,,,,,^-_-q--....4/5/?/@/000^2e2r222222555666888:㫣~hG5:CJ h@CJ hG5CJhG5>*CJ hGCJhV7hG5 hq!heUhq! hq!hQnhQn hq!hG hq!h=OhV7h=O5 hG5 hG5>* hq!hZZ hq!h@ hq!hhGh=O12556688i883999X:::^<_<<G==>f>>(???U@@A 8^8`::_<h<i<@CACBCCCMCEEEEEEXIYI[IgIpIqIrI{I|IsKtK}K~KRRRSSSSSSSSSSSgThTqTtTTTTT귰ͷhq!hGB*CJphhq!B*CJph h7CJ h75CJ hG5 hG5>* hGCJhG5:CJ hU05CJhG hG>*CJh75>*CJh@5>*CJ hG5CJ hGCJhG5>*CJ2AyAADBBCACBCCCEEEXIYIZI[IqIrIsKtKNRRS$a$gd7 $8^8`a$ 8^8`gd7 8^8`SSSSSSSgThTTT8U9U:U;UaUbUVVVVpXeYfY 8^8`gdq!gdq!gd7$a$gd7 $8^8`a$ 8^8`TTTT8U:U;UIUaUbUkUlUVVVVVVpXyXzXeYoYpYZZZ(Z)Z\\\^________)`L````````Ra_aoapaqaza{aaaaaaaaaaah_jh_U hG5: hG5hGhU05>*CJhG5>*CJhG5:CJ hG5CJ h@CJ hEuCJ hGCJ hq!CJBfYZZZ\\_______`)`L```m`````PaQa$a$^ & Fxgdq! 8^8`gdq! 8^8`QaRapaqaaaaaaaaaaaa$a$21:pU0/ =!8"#$% DdHF  C "A evfcRm nXFpwIDFA nXFpw-NExifMM*  (12i FUJIFILMFinePixViewer Ver.4.0HHFinePixViewer Ver.4.02006:03:05 18:25:37 0220|20100  < : : : : : : : : FUJIFILM 0130*NORMAL 0100JR(ZHHC    $.' 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